The Daily Things I Do


Lately, I’ve felt really grateful for being able to push my mind and body to a place which I had previously imagined was its limit.

I’m taking notice of the small wins and it’s making me feel good! I’m progressing and it’s not just because I’m running a faster time or lifting heavier in the gym. It is because I’m taking time to notice my feelings. I appreciate how I am mentally and physically able to put myself under a relatively significant amount of stress day in and day out whilst remaining injury free and healthy.


I keep quite a few diaries. But the one I write everyday is my training diary, it includes the content of my training (obviously) and I have an evaluation section. This is where I jot down my overall thoughts and feelings about the training day. And in the right hand corner I either put a smiley, neutral or sad face to reflect my emotional conclusion of the session. I have 5 full books of training diaries so far, and sometimes it’s nice to go back and see how I felt 7 years ago.


Meditation gives me time and space to be alone. It’s just me and my thoughts. It slows things down for me, I use an app and I enjoy being guided through a meditative practice. I prefer when there is less talking, as those moments of internal silence are bliss.


Learning a new language is a new challenge for me. The only rule I have is that I must learn a little everyday. By being flexible with how I learn I don’t feel as though I’m learning for learnings sake. I’m doing it because I genuinely want to speak, read & write fluently in another language. It’s always something I’ve said I wanted to do, but never committed to it. This time I have and I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far.


I really enjoy podcasts! I listen to ones that make me laugh. I listen to a couple of podcasts that educate me on investing, finance and the economy. And any other random podcasts that I deem interesting. What I love the most about a podcast is that I’m not glued to a screen. This means I can listen to a podcast in the background whilst doing something else, like getting ready in the morning.


I may sound a bit hypocritical but yes for the most part I am glued to a screen. The content I consume on YouTube is mainly interviews, recorded podcasts, and I like watching short independent films. I also watch quite a few videos of people discussing and debating a range of different topics too.

Blog posts

I hardly read books, in fact most if not all of my reading is through online platforms. I like a blog post because I feel as though the author is having a direct conversation with me. The ones I read don’t require too much of my time. And I find that way I can digest quite a few different ideas in one sitting.

So I exercise, I write, I meditate, I learn, I listen, I watch, and I read everyday. I enjoy doing these things. Although, it’s not huge amounts (apart from the training) it’s activities I do little and often and once the day has come to an end I feel as though it’s been productive and pretty fulfilling.

I think we’d all agree that it’s important to do the things that make you happy.

No matter how big or small they may seem to be.

I suggest that you write a list of your likes and simply do more of those things.